Intimacy (2015-present) is about the current relationship between humans and nature.

Intimacy is the work of a dry leaf that was shot on a macro lens to show its visual intimacy which is not seen with the naked eyes. The fallen leaf was kept for weeks, photographing it each day as it changed colors from green to brown and black. Thus documenting each transition.

It was being exhibited at Matheran Green Festival, Mumbai, Preview Collective, India. During the exhibition, Masood Sarwer’s work on leaves was covered in dry leaves in a hand-dug pit on the forest floors beneath the tress up in the foothills of Matheran. Unlike other exhibitions, it was being exhibited in the forest. On the first day of the festival, the leaves were green and on the last day, they turned brown and black—thus revealing a process where the imagery kept shifting as each day passed like the work itself.

"The color, so complete in itself is only part of the leaf

And the leaf, so complete in itself is only part of the tree

And the tree, so complete in itself is only part of the forest

And the forest, so complete in human eyes

Remains incomplete in itself." - Inspired by Ruskin Bond